Man demands bride price after finding out his wife is not a virgin

A man in Swaziland has demanded from his in-laws his 24-cow bride price back after reportedly discovering that his wife was not a virgin at the time they got married.

However, Sibiya denies ever making such a claim. She also insists that Dlamini knew that she was not a virgin and that she was already three months pregnant on their wedding day. Court papers reportedly indicate that Dlamini, who is a teacher, began his relationship with Sibiya while she was still his student in high school.

She said

“After I completed school in 1995, Dlamini, who was far older than me, insisted that we get married but I refused to marry him since I wanted to pursue my studies.” She also states that she met and fell in love with a man named Themba Thwala in 1998 prior to marrying Dlamini.

“I will rather date a monkey than a man, because monkey will never cheat on me,no broken heart,it also satisfy me in bed”

A lady has caused a stir on social media after she shared a loved up photo with her monkey.

Sharing the photo on Facebook, the lady said she will rather date a monkey than a man, because a monkey will never cheat or break her heart.

“I will rather date a monkey than a man, because monkey will never cheat on me,no broken heart,it also satisfy me in bed”

Another Prophet Kills 50 People In His Church After Making Them Drink ‘Dettol’(Photos)

Below are viral photos of a South African Prophet who allegedly gave his members ‘Dettol’, a household bleach to drink as a sign of faith during a church service.

According to the prophet identified as Rufus Phala after making his congregation drink Dettol claims that the antiseptic liquid will heal their sickness.

To him, drinking the disinfectant is very harmful but he has been instructed by God to use it, claiming that he was the first person to drink it.

“I know Dettol is harmful, but God instructe

See photos:

Motivational Speaker Beaten For Saying He started his Restaurant With One Tin Tomatoes and A Plate

Aishaman boys in Ghana could not hide their anger after a young Entrepreneur who is also a motivational speaker was slapped and whipped for declaring his methodology for setting up his business.

According to the reports reaching us, most successful people do not reveal their plans in making money but rather, stories which looks like myth.

According to the guys who whipped and slapped the Motivational Speaker, their quest for starting up a business on their own came to a stop after an impossible lie. The guys were angered simply because a man cannot start a restaurant with a plate and tin tomatoes.

This situation angered these new business starters to the extent that, the young motivational speaker was whipped and slapped.

“There is No Sin in sleeping with Your Brother In-law” – Pastor Veronica

When advice like this come from clergy men and women, it leaves one surprise and confused as to whether to take the advise or not, though to the gullible, whatever comes from a self acclaimed minister is true.

The popular Pastor Mrs. Veronica who recently declared that she can heal men of their infertility by simply going to bed with them has come again with another statement that is surely going to shake the internet once more.

The controversial Pastor said that if a woman sleeps with her husband’s brother that she has not cheated on her husband because the brother is still the husband’s lineage.

See her post below;

"There is No Sin in sleeping with Your  Brother In-law" Pastor Veronica Advices Women

According to reports, the female minister said that in other for a wife to have something doing with her husband’s brother it means she still love and belongs to the family else she would have done it with an outsider, she said such an act is not classified as cheating because it is still within the family and they are one blood which explains why sometimes family members call their brother’s wives ‘our wife’, which means she belongs to everyone in the family.

It is quite baffling that this is coming from a female minister and we want to hear people’s comment on this. 

I Will Cheat On My Man If He Doesn’t Satisfy Me In Bed – Nollywood Actress

Nollywood actress identifiead as Juliet Njemanze has stated that she could cheat on her man if he is not able to satisfy her in bed.

In a recent chat with The Vanguard, the actress stated that apart from the love for God, the most important thing to her in any relationship is sex, which she even rates higher than money.

“For me, apart from knowing God and all … sex is the next most important. He has to be good in bed. It’s definitely sex before money because you could give me all the money in the world, if I’m not sexually satisfied, I will definitely cheat on you,” she said when asked what was more important to her in a relationship among love, money and sex.

Describing her kind of person, she said,

“I’m a very honest person. I detest lies and deceit. I’m real to the core. I don’t know how to sugar-coat things or be ‘diplomatic’. People who are fake call it being diplomatic. I also take my work very seriously. I play but when it’s time to work I just work.

Take your man out sometimes & spend on him, you will have a special place in his heart – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady on Twitter identified as @DuchessT_, has advised other women to take their partners out sometimes and spoil them.

According to the women who takes their men out, spend, show care and listen to them, will have special places in their hearts.

“Take your man out sometimes and spend on him, care for him, listen to him, advice him and you will have a special place in his.” she gave the advise via her social media account.

See below:

Little boy says he will do more better than bobrisky, (Photo)

Little boy posted on his Instagram page hours ago ; “I would do more better than bobrisky”

Bobrisky the cross gender that keeps hitting the internet on daily basis has been of great influence to other guys and boys as well

After seeings how popular and Rich bobrisky turned out to be,many guys now aspire to be like him

Bobrisky has really influenced our teenagers and youths ,now look at this young boy barely 15_18 years, saying he wants to be like bobrisky,not just being like him,he promises to do better than bobrisky.

The said bobrisky has been on the lips of everyone now for weeks,if not for months

Bobrisky has been having issues with the Nigeria police,is either he is been accused for stealing a car, and been apprehended by the police officers,or he is handicapped over one issue or the other .

Since the r I see of bobrisky,over 10 young guys has aspired to be like him.

Just so we do not forget bobrisky assures them that they can never get to where he has gotten so far,that he remains a queen

The post was shared across on Instagram.

Now here we go again with the little boy promising to be better than bobrisky.

Teacher arrested for eating Pupil’s meal at School

A Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Esther Akpan, age 29, has been arrested by the Lagos State command of the Nigeria Police.

It was gathered that Mrs. Akpan who teaches at God’s Grace And Mercy Private School, Lagos, was arrested for being in the habit of stealing and eating the pupils’ meal while the kids starve.

According to an online source, the unfortunate Teacher was then reported to the school’s Proprietor by the Parents of the kids – who later teamed up with few others in making sure the culprit is caught red-handed.

According to a source, Esther was however caught on camera while eating the pupils’ meal – as if that was not enough – she also came with two different plates with which she had turned their foods into.

The Suspect, however confessed to the crime saying, “I take most of the food and snacks of the kids home while I eat some in the school.

“I promise not to repeat such anymore, it’s the devil’s handiwork”, she said.

Speaking on the report, the Proprietor of the school, Mr Patrick Osakwe says “I’ve never owed any of my workers their salaries, in fact every Monday, I give each teacher one thousand naira (N1,000) which is not part of their salaries.

“I pay them well and most of them go home with the school bus, I see no reason why she should have indulged herself in such mess.”

Esther is under Police detention for further investigation as at the time of filing this report.

Mercy Johnson’s Husband, Prince Okojie Sues Davido For Receiving Money and Refusing To Perform!!!!

Prince Okojie , the husband of Nollywood Actress, Mercy Johnson, has reportedly sued DMW boss, Davido for allegedly refusing to show up for a performance that has already been paid for, at the Okojie’s hotel launch.

It was reported that, Davido is in a fraud scandal and this time, the person whom he had allegedly defrauded is Prince Odianosen Okojie.

Recall that Mercy Johnson and husband had the grand opening of their luxury hotel, Henod Luxury Hotels in Abulegba December last year, a suburb in Lagos, they had agreed with Davido to make an appearance on that day with the sum of N3 million paid to him for his service.

27 dead,18 in critical condition after drinking ‘jik’ in church all in the name of Miracle (Photos)

African Pastors are mostly entangled with lots of controversies as their doctrines, teachings and way of performing miracles have been questionable.

27 dead,18 in critical condition after drinking ‘jik’ in church all in the name of Miracle

According to reports b a news paper in Zambia, 27 people have been confirmed dead with 18 others in critical condition after a Pastor instructed them to drink ‘jik’ in Church last Sunday all in the name of casting out demons.

The yet-to-be-identified Prophet in a church service told the people to drink the ‘jik’ so that all demons tormenting them will be washed away.

As absurd as it seemed the people also drunk the ‘jik’ and 27 of them were reported dead with 17 in a very critical condition.

Among the dead were two nurses and 4 teachers.

The incident have been reported to the Police and the Prophet is rendered a wanted man in Zambia for causing the death of some of his members and leaving others in a critical state.

See photos below: 

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