Little boy says he will do more better than bobrisky, (Photo)

Little boy posted on his Instagram page hours ago ; “I would do more better than bobrisky”

Bobrisky the cross gender that keeps hitting the internet on daily basis has been of great influence to other guys and boys as well

After seeings how popular and Rich bobrisky turned out to be,many guys now aspire to be like him

Bobrisky has really influenced our teenagers and youths ,now look at this young boy barely 15_18 years, saying he wants to be like bobrisky,not just being like him,he promises to do better than bobrisky.

The said bobrisky has been on the lips of everyone now for weeks,if not for months

Bobrisky has been having issues with the Nigeria police,is either he is been accused for stealing a car, and been apprehended by the police officers,or he is handicapped over one issue or the other .

Since the r I see of bobrisky,over 10 young guys has aspired to be like him.

Just so we do not forget bobrisky assures them that they can never get to where he has gotten so far,that he remains a queen

The post was shared across on Instagram.

Now here we go again with the little boy promising to be better than bobrisky.

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