We sell Condoms used By Our Clients To Ritualist –Prostitutes Confesses

Four nigerian students where arrested by the nigerian police with nylon containing used goldcircle with male sperms.

The four of students of uyocity polytechnic located at akawibom state were arrested in their hostel through an intelligence report given to the police about their irregular activities.

The four students of mass communication by name Inemesit Edet, Glory Johnson, Magreat Pius and Iniobong udo were arrested on Monday evening in their hostel located at ikpa Road.

After series of interrogation the gang leader confesses that the are all prostitutes who go out to sleep with men and after that the carry the goldcircle containing the sperm to sell to aboki people who buys them at very costly price. According to the girls the all confessed the have been into the business for 3 years now since the started school.

Glory Edet one of the girls said each time she sleeps with you she will pull of the gold circle from you pretending to be caring and do as if she wants to and dispose it, she will then tie it and put in her bag, she said she seems the aboki people that buys it usually send it to their alhaji in Abuja and Lagos which the use in doing all kinds of Rituals.

According to them luck ran out of them when their close door neighbour new their source of living and decided to go hint the police.

To them that was the only source of them feeding and paying their bills.

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