Many marriages will break when I return from surgery – Bobrisky

Many people who are close to Bobrisky know that when she speaks, she keeps to her words. But that would be difficult now that the crossdresser has vowed to break marriages when she returns from surgery.

Bobrisky has revealed plans to undergo another cosmetic surgery in order to look more attractive and beautiful, although she did not disclose where and when. But to her, when she returns from the surgery, four things would happen.

First, guys will see and feel the impact that she has done cosmetic surgery; second, many homes will be in disarray; third, streets will scatter; and lastly, marriages will collapse.


Bobrisky is rumored to have fully transitioned from male to female after undergoing a series of expensive surgeries. After the alleged surgeries, her boobs became larger, the same with her bum bum

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