Man stole his girlfriend’s 10K to stake bet, won 100M & gave her 10K back to her – She is angry & wants 40M

A man has taken to social media to seek the advice of its users on what to do after he stole his girlfriend’s 10K to stake bet and won 100M.

After winning the huge sum of amount, he returned his girlfriend’s 10K back to her but she said she isn’t interested and wants 40M from the total amount of money won.

The man who is from Kawempe is on the brink of losing his girlfriend.

He doesn’t want to give the 40M to his girlfriend and at the same time doesn’t want to lose her from his side.

The whole story was narrated by a Twitter user (@Yamihazan) who stated that the 10K bet lasted for a period of two days before he won the 100M.

His woes began when he shared the good news with his girlfriend who is now super hot on him.

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