Ghanaian Baby Shower that has gone viral online(photos)



A set of photos from a Baby Shower shoot held in Ghana has got people talking about the hilarious concept of the couple. The husband, Ben Afryea who shared the photos which have seen gone viral said they just decided to have fun with the shoot and didn’t expect the reactions that the photo has generated.

Photos from a Ghanaian Baby Shower that has got everyone talking

Speaking, Afryea said: “I see lots of people laughing over the photos and it is nice. Some have said nasty things too and i do not blame them. We are happy about the shoot and believe we passed the message we wanted to pass across.

Photos from a Ghanaian Baby Shower that has got everyone talking It has gone viral and made us celebrities, so it is a good thing.”

When asked why he chooses such a concept, he said: “It was just a thought we had and wanted to bring to life. A pregnant woman and her grown baby. No matter how big a man is, he still remains his woman’s baby.”

The photo has become a meme of sort on social media with many users still baffled at the rationale behind such a concept

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