Woman Narrowly Escaped Death For Dumping Her ‘One-minute’ Husband For Corper

The incident broke out when Talatu, Audu’s wife and mother of their three children determined to leave Audu for a younger man, a youth corps member who she met during one of her business trips and who she confessed possesses greater sexual prowess and dexterity than her husband.

Her husband, Audu who is not remorseful over the cuts he inflicted on his wife said, he is only regretting that he didn’t finish the evil work he started by killing her outrightly. As far as he is concerned, he does not want to set his eyes on her again.

Audu who is a Higher National Diploma (HND) holder in Business Administration runs a thriving dry fish business said his wife had told him that since he cannot satisfy her sexually, she was going to marry someone who would give her the satisfaction she has been yearning for.

This confession angered Audu, he reveal that, he attacked and intended to kill her before she left him as she is planning.

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