I Love Having $ e x, I Can F**k For Hours’ – Actress Dayo Amusa

Popular Yoruba Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa has been trending

on social media after she stated that she enjoys having s*x and doesn’t care what people say about that.

The actress also added that a woman should not be judged

by the number of people she has s*x with, as every one has the right to enjoy themselves.

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I enjoy having s*x. I mean good S*xual int*rcourse. You know the thing that people do that is acceptable in society if you’re married, or if you’re trying to conceive a baby or if you’ve been in a partnership with somebody for sometime but most definitely not acceptable if you have s*x with somebody on the first date or if you have s*x with somebody that you don’t know all that well.  Why can’t people just have s*x for the sake of having s*x?

Why the actual f*ck does a woman that enjoys having s*xual relationships with a partner or partners automatically make people jump to the conclusion that the woman doesn’t respect herself

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