I miss Nigeria – Cardi B

Cardi B has returned to the United States, and she has declared she misses Nigeria.

The American Rapper took to her Instastory to say, she should be taken back to Africa… and then she shared a photo of herself donning the outfit she rocked for her performance in Lagos, Nigeria captioning it, “Missing Nigeria”.

During her brief stay, Cardi just couldn’t get enough of Nigeria. She put Nigeria on the map all over again.

Her Instagram stories dwelt on how lovely and enjoyable Nigeria is, how industrious and energetic its people are, she went on and on about Lagos’ charming nightlife and frenetic pace, she was treated to a cocktail of lap dances from exotic dancers at a strip club, got herself a Nigerian name (Chioma B), sampled Nigerian beer and jollof with praises to boot, checked into a supermarket and orphanage, and sold Nigeria to her over 70 million social media followers as a tourism destination worth checking out.

See her post below:

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