Look how 13yr old boy shoots himself dead while making live video on instagram

Niniola refuses Teni Her Younger sister into her home over coronavirus fears

Nigerian singer, Niniola Apata on Friday refused to allow her younger sister, Teni to enter into her home in Lagos over coronavirus fears.

Teni shared video clips which captured the moment her eldest sister locked her outside her house and refused to open the gate.

In the video, Niniola admitted she was scared of contracting the deadly disease and asked her sister why she defied the lockdown order.

The ‘Maradona’ crooner also managed to push her sister outside before locking her gate.

Watch the video below:

I wanted to use it for Experiment: Nigerian Pastor Caught with Human Faeces.

A Pastor was paraded by residents of a South-West state after being nabbed packing human faeces.

During interrogation, the Pastor claimed he wanted to use the faeces for an experiment before stating that he needed it as a fertilizer.

But when asked why he didn’t use that of his children or church members, he said members are no longer coming to church at this time.

Then, a resident pointed out that he could have used the faeces his members excreted before now, the Pastor defended himself by saying he never needed it then but needs it now.

Meanwhile the celestial church of Christ have released a public statement concerning the issue.

See below:

I Need A Man That Will Understand That 5 Rounds Is Just A Warm Up – Nigerian Lady Write

A Beautiful young Lady with the name Queen Cindy has posted a very controversial write up on her twitter page which has become a trending topic among her fans and Followers.

According to her, She need a man who can go more than Five rounds in Bed and Still term it as Warm up

“I need a Boyfriend that will Understand that five rounds is just a warm up “- She said

See her tweet below:

Bus conductor gives “ogogoro” to his passengers before he carries them (video)

A bus conductor, in a bid to combat the spread of Coronavirus, is sharing an alcoholic drink to his passengers and insisting they sanitize their hands with it.

In a video shared by a passenger, the conductor is seen giving the alcoholic drink, known locally as ogogoro, to his passengers to clean their hands with it.

When asked what it is, he called it “sterilizer.”

see video;

Legendary soukous star Aurlus Mabele dies in france – Covid-19

Legendary soukous star Aurlus Mabele is dead. According to reports, the 67-year-old passed away after being infected by the coronavirus, officially named covid-19.

Confirming the death through a Facebook post from Paris France, journalist Robert Brazza paid tribute to the musician who used to extensively tour the West.

“Hey, Uncle Aurlus! The young wolf I used to be will not forget your wise advice: “stay yourself little… and enjoy! “.

“My sadness is great tonight but my gratitude is more. You were the pace, you were joy, you were the kindness. Forever. Go in peace Aurlus Mabelle. I know auntie Nzambi has already welcomed you in her great mercy,” he wrote.

The singer is believed to have passed away in France which has seen 371 deaths for the virus which broke out in China in late 2019. According to health agency director Jerome Salomon, the number of cases had risen to 10,995, up from 9,134 on Tuesday, a rise of 20% in 24 hours.

Mabele was one of the founders of the legendary supergroup Loketo (hips) band, formed in the mid-1980s alongside Mav Cacharel and Diblo Dibala, which broke up a few years later.

He was one of the first Paris-based soukous stars and set the standard with several LPs in the 1980s.

Mabele is known for hits such as Embargo, Liste Rouge and many others. May he rest in peace. May he rest in peace

Man turns empty drums to wash hand basins. Corona virus prevention

Social media users were impressed by the creativity of one man – The man used an old metal drum and converted it into a smart, clean, portable wash basin – The internet users applauded his talent and called for his invention to be implemented formally.

The coronavirus has thus far infected many people in Africa and some of the cases were identified as local transmissions. Now, more than ever, it’s important to follow the guidelines on how to stay healthy – including washing one’s hands. One creative man’s project might just help do that in areas where it would be hard to wash hands.

Twitter user, @Munyai_R_Gundo, shared a before-and-after photo of the man’s creation. Take a look at the post below:

“I went to my girlfriend’s house I saw her boyfriend drinking water from the fridge I bought for her so I took the fridge.”

When people fall in love, they tend to do a lot of things to please their partners and show how much they love them.

This is exactly what a man identified as Ini Frank did when he bought a refrigerator for his girlfriend.CHECK THIS OUT

But after realising that he was not getting the same kind of love and commitment from the girlfriend Ini did the unthinkable by carrying the refrigerator away.

According to Ini who told his story in a popular Facebook group, he visited the girlfriend one day and realised that she had another boyfriend.

As if the realisation that his girlfriend was cheating was not enough, he met the rival drinking water from the very fridge he had bought for the girl.

In order not to drag the issue, Ini decided to take away the fridge.

Ini who shared photos of himself carrying the fridge captioned the photo:

“I went to my girlfriend’s house I saw her boyfriend drinking water from the fridge I bought for her so I took the fridge.”

Don’t date any girl dumped by a yahoo boy – Erigga warns

Fast rising, Nigerian rapper, Erigga has warned young guys to be wary of dating a girl dumped by fraudsters, also known as Yahoo Boys.

The talented rapper sounded his warmings through apost on his official Twitter handle on Wednesday, 18th March.

Although he refused to give a reason for his advise, a lot of his followers have been saying his reason might be because of the spending power of the Yahoo boy which might be difficult for the legitimately working boy to match.

Don’t date any girl dumped by a yahoo boy – Erigga warns

I provide for the family, yet my husband beats me if i don’t give him pocket money – Nigerian woman

Nigerian woman seeks public opinion as she provides for her family, yet her husband beats her if she doesn’t give him pocket money.


“Please i have issues bothering me. Ever since i met my husband, i know him as a person who has the habit of shying away from his responsibilities.

“He claims that he does not have money. There is no way i will leave my children hungry so most times i provide for the family.Because he knows that my business is going well,he has left some of his responsibilities to me.

“Not that i complain, but he has the habit of complaining and beating me, anytime he asks for money and i told him that i don’t have. i provide for the family yet he still wants me to be giving him pocket money.

“He is a civil servant oooh and earns salary. The last one that happened. i withdrew 100k for my children school fees. He went and took 70k from it. The money was inside my handbag.

“I confronted him to give me the money. Even if he has spent it, he should give me the balance. The next thing i got was a slap. He claims i am insulting him because i am earning more than him. I called his mother to report to her and i got the shock of my life, when his mother claimed i used Juju on his son, that i tied his destiny and i am shining with it.

“His mother claimed several prophets has prophesied same thing. That my spiritual husband is the reason why my husband is not prosperous.

“Out of annoyance, i confronted my husband and told him what his mother said, not knowing they have already discussed about it long time ago and my husband beats me at any slightest provocation.

“I will tell you the truth, i want to leave but i don’t have the strength to walk away. my husband is very good at one thing. He knows how to satisfy me in bed. I have dated several guys and had several flings but you can never compare them with my hubby.

“Will i be able to cope without him. As for money, that is not my problem. please what do i do?

Pastor Beats Usher to Coma in Church Over Tithe and Offering in ikorodu Lagos (photos)

A social media user had narrated how a pastor had beat up a lady usher Over Tithe And Offering Says, Pastor Beat Usher To Coma.

Read full post below…

Yesterday, Sunday 15th is a day that I’ll never forget in a hurry. Not in my life. 

As me, my wife and baby set out for Church to worship in Dynasty Of God Church, Igbogbo in Ikorodu.

As usual, after Sunday school, praises and worship, testimonies, preaching, then offering.

The church had applaud the choir, danced to worship and gave testimonies, in which God’s presence was felt.

After then, was the offering and Tithe collection. As this was on-going, the members all danced forward accordingly to give there’s.

The church announcement followed and monies were being arranged for record into the church account.

Suddenly, one of the protocol, came and whisper into the Pastor’s ear, after that I felt a bad Chemistry in the church dormitory. Before we could look back, a lady, one of the ushers has been engaging two men – the protocol guy and the pastor in a loud and embarrassing argument.

The Lady slapped the Pastor’s protocol, which made the pastor slap the lady.

To our great surprise, behold the lady slapped the pastor – and she received the beating of her life, and she couldn’t stand up until she was attended to by nurses.

After all, the lady was caught with over 14,520 which the pastor reported has been stolen by the lady.

After all, the church members advise the pastor to report the case to the nearest police station, as they fear that the lady could still retaliate by coming to disrupt church services.

As if the church member had known that the lady was not trustworthy, they explained how the young lady has never allow the church income calculated by anyone except herself.

It was a drama that I can never forget in a hurry.

Body of UNIBEN student who drowned in Ughelli river found after two days

The remains of the drowned final year student of the University of Benin, Ayodele Adeluyi 25, has been recovered by local divers in Oteri-Ughelli community in Ughelli North local government area of Delta State.

Ayodele, a student of Uniben studying Fisheries at the Agricultural Department, had accompanied his friends to a local dredging site on Wednesday last week Tuesday to swim before his untimely death it was gathered.

According to sources, The deceased had returned from school without the knowledge of his parents and was hanging out with friends three days before the incident.
A source who spoke on anonymous condition alleged that the deceased had swam across the stream and on his way back, has gassed out and being an asthmatic patient he drowned before help could come to him.
His clothes were at the bank of the stream while his mobile phone was allegedly taken away by his friends who had earlier called her sister in Abuja to inform her of his brother death.

His corpse was recovered last Friday by local divers after some traditional rites.
Though no arrest has been made by the police but that leadership of Oteri-Ughelli community has enact a law that on no account should anybody steps into the bush pending when traditional rites over the incident are concluded.

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